Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"What's Your Hub?" Featuring Tamara the Axe-thrower!

In this dangerous edition of "What's Your Hub?", #TransitHubber Tamara tells us about the Backyard Axe-throwing League at #LandsdowneBloor... who would've thought!

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That’s intriguing, Tamara! It’s quite a unique (but great!) hub to share! So, surprisingly, an actual axe-throwing league exists, but what is it, exactly?

It’s a sport where people fling axes at the wooden targets located on the other side of the room. People can choose from a wide range of sizes for the axes, but like archery, must aim for the bulls-eye target or the small green circles above the rings.

An interesting tidbit is that this league started only five years agoMatt Wilson was passing time at a cottage by throwing axes into pieces of wood, when he suddenly realized the amount of fun he had. When returning home, he shared this information with a housemate, and soon, he had a team of axe-throwers! Competition is fierce! This year marks the first year that the Backyard Axe-Throwers League is indoors!

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