Meet the Team

Each member of the Team brings a diverse set of talents and expertise to TransitHub. Collectively, we have extensive experience in business, technology, software development, marketing, and design. We've even got a closet hipster!

  • Ian GarmaiseProject Manager (Practising Stoic!): Startup veteran, Scrum Master, business analyst
  • Johnny TongDevelopment (Lean fanboy!): Experienced software developer, Agile consultant
  • Arvind KarirCOO (Energy, enthusiasm, and excitement!): High-tech production and sales, entrepreneur
  • Neil JainCFO (Closet hipster!): Financial consultant, business development, engineer
  • Cleaver BarnesDevelopment (Cranky without coffee!): Experienced software developer, Open Source guru
  • Igor FrenkelDevelopment: Experienced software developer, experiment expert, consultant
  • Nicole McReynolds, Design (I ♥ Design!): User experience architect, interface design

The obviously hard-working TransitHub Team, all riled-up at Startup Weekend Toronto (June 2011)

Working hard... or hardly working? The TransitHub Team has most often been described as a well-oiled machine, eight different gears working together in a symphony of development bliss. In other words, we work pretty well together. But don't take our word for it, watch us in action.

Programming (and web-surfing) well into the night... do we ever take a break??
Debates are just part of the process... so is coffee!

We love being in the spotlight, too. Just hold back on the tomatoes.

You like us, you really like us! (We hope.) But seriously, if there's one thing you can say about the TransitHub Team, it's that we love to be loved. Will you show us some love now, please?

What Next?

Still can't get enough of TransitHub? Read the story of "The Weekend TransitHub Was Born" and the TransitHub Team's "Vision for Success", as well as our ongoing #TransitHubbing Adventures in the city.

Bye for now, TransitHubbers! :)

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