What is TransitHub?

Founded in June 2011 during Startup Weekend, TransitHub is a digital startup company that's driven by a passion for helping people get the most out of their city and its transit system.

Currently based in Toronto, we believe that public transit can be more than just a mundane trip from point A to point B, but rather an opportunity to explore. TransitHub is also about community: connecting like-minded people and turning a solitary experience into a collaborative one.

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TransitHub will help you discover the areas around Toronto's transit stations and stops through insights left by local insiders. Whether it’s about finding that hipster coffee shop that’s around the corner or a hidden alleyway of street art, when you’re on TransitHub, it’s not just a stop—it’s a Hub of activity!

What People are Saying

"I love the concept of TransitHub being one part trip planner another part network. It is a nice concept for people like me where transit is our primary means of transportation."

"I think this is a very cool initiative, there are sooo many cool places to visit in the city and most of them no one knows about!"

"TransitHub is bringing our city to our fingertips and helping us discover it through the community itself. I find that absolutely wonderful."

At its heart, TransitHub is all about the magic of discovery

An Opportunity to Grow Your Business

For local merchants, TransitHub offers a platform for getting discovered by an active group of customers who are looking for new experiences. It’s also a way for organizations to stimulate tourism in some of the lesser-known pockets of the city. Businesses will be able to:
  • Get "Featured" on the Transit Hub in their neighbourhood
  • Sponsor content, like tips, events and guides
  • Offer special deals and rewards

Partner with TransitHub

The TransitHub community isn’t just about transit riders, it’s about organizations that aim to promote the use of public transit and to support local merchants and activities. If you believe TransitHub can help further your initiative, we’d love to hear from you!

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What Next?

Still can't get enough of TransitHub? Read the story of "The Weekend TransitHub Was Born" and the TransitHub Team's "Vision for Success", as well as our ongoing #TransitHubbing Adventures in the city.

Keep #TransitHubbing, people! :)


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