Monday, August 29, 2011

TransitHub: A Vision for Success...

One of the first questions that every Startup Team (as well as every business, period) should ask themselves upon beginning their journey as a Startup: "What does success look like?"

Defining what each team member sees as a successful goal for 2 - 5 years down the road not only serves as a beacon on the horizon for everyone to aim for, but as a motivating force that lets everyone know: we're thinking big.

In mid-June, after the adrenaline of our amazing Startup Weekend Toronto experience had finished rushing through our veins, the TransitHub Team got together to map out our very own "Vision for Success". Here's what we came up with...

TransitHub will be a success if...

(1) People want TransitHub to come to their city
Nothing beats the feeling of being wanted - ain't that the truth! And nothing will surely beat the feeling of a city and its cohort of commuters (London, Paris, New York, anyone??) wanting - no, demanding! - TransitHub to come to their city and help them discover it through their transit system. Not only would this give us that "Aww shucks!" feeling, it'd be a surefire recipe for international expansion...

(2) It becomes a viable business platform
An idea is just an idea, but when combined with a base of customers and a source of revenue, that idea is suddenly transformed into a true business. After all, the definition of a business is that which provides value to a group of customers and makes money at the same time. Often an afterthought for startups and entrepreneurs, building a viable platform for business would be one sign that we did our startup right.

(3) It becomes a part of our culture
The pinnacle of marketing success is when a product, service, or brand moves beyond just what it is, beyond what it's used for, and becomes a permanent part of our culture. From "Googling" something to going for a coffee run at "Timmy's", brands that enter our cultural consciousness become near and dear to our hearts. TransitHub will truly be a success if #TransitHubbing and the phrase "Let's TransitHub it" become something you hear every day. :)

(4) It eventually becomes the "Google" of urban exploration
Yelp, FourSquare, city-specific websites - there are many places and platforms for Urban Explorers to go to find information that will help them discover their city. But when it comes to Search, there is really only one thing you need: Google. TransitHub would be a resounding success if it became the go-to tool for exploring and sharing insights about your city.

(5) People begin to think about transit a lot differently
There are a lot of transit-lovers out there, no doubt - TTC buttons and station design adoration prove that. But there are also a lot of transit haters - people who despise the sorry state of their transit system and would be more than happy to use any other mode of transport. TransitHub would be a hands-down social-success if it helps "take the 'h' out of transit" and inspires people to look to their transit system as the gateway to discovering their city!

(6) TransitHub comes to every major city
Finally, the ultimate vision of success for TransitHub - for the fun-loving city-browser and community to be available and popular in every major city in the world. Whether you're navigating the above ground subways of Chicago or the maze-like London Underground, tourists and commuters alike should be able to fire up TransitHub and feel empowered to discover their city, one stop at a time. That will make us very, very happy. :)

What do you think of our big-picture "Vision for Success"? Is there anything we missed? Anything you feel we should add? Share your comments below and let us know!



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