Monday, August 22, 2011

Lower Simcoe & Queens Quay - A #TransitHubbing Adventure

Lower Simcoe and Queens Quay doesn't seem like your typical Hub, off by the waterfront and away from the city proper. And the harbourfront strip itself may not be many local Torontonian's first choice when it comes to spending a lazy summer weekend - it's too touristy, you might say; been there, done that, you might think to yourself. But the truth, my dear TransitHubber, is that this lakeside Hub is one of the best places to spend a beautiful summer afternoon. With the bustling new Harbourfront Centre, there will always be a festival or two to enjoy, a food tent to peruse, and some live music to listen to!

To get to the Lower Simcoe and Queens Quay Hub, take the 509 or 510 Streetcar from Union Station, or jump on  the 510 Spadina Streetcar as it heads southbound to Queens Quay.

Case in point: if you wandered near this Hub this past weekend, you would have walked right into a plethora of colourful saris, spicy samosas, and the best Bollywood dancers this side of the Pacific. I'm talking about North America's largest (and free!) South Asian festival: the Masala! Mehndi! Masti! Festival (@MMMFestival) at the Harbourfront Centre (@HarbourfrontTO) grounds. The festival was a multi-generational celebration of South Asian culture, including clothing, music, art, food, and of course, the celebrities. Enjoy the pics from this eventful #TransitHubbing Adventure:

The festival grounds that surround the Harbourfront Centre at Lower Simcoe and Queens Quay always seem to be full  of people looking to have a great time on a warm summer afternoon...

Saris galore as shoppers combed the marketplace for their favourite South Asian accessories

If there's one thing that defines this festival, it's the vibrant colours!

Teaching an eager audience some Bollywood dance moves

The festival wouldn't be complete, of course, without some live music!

This Hub is also the perfect place to relax and enjoy the serene sights of Lake Ontario

And finally, the best part: the food!

Mmmm... butter chicken!

And of course... those spicy samosas!

The marketplace also included a number of unique, hand-crafted items... this beautiful, ornate wooden chair.

And finally, art installations and ongoing artistic works, like this piece, were scattered throughout the grounds.

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