Wednesday, March 28, 2012

#TransitHubbing at Toronto's Wayfinding Strategy Panel

As most #TransitHubbers know, how to get around is almost as important as what to do when you get there...

That is why the team from was thrilled to take part in the City of Toronto's Wayfinding Panel, an event open to the public, held on March 28, 2012 inside the Metro Hall Rotunda. For #TransitHubbers, it was just a few steps away from the #JohnKing Hub. The team arrived just moments before the presentation began, and we quickly found our seats. What would we hear? We weren't quite sure. But we knew that TransitHub would most-definitely benefit from it.

Wayfinding is all about how people orient themselves in a physical location, and how they determine how to move from one location to another. But, as many Torontonians know, it isn't always easy to find your way around the city. Toronto's Wayfinding Strategy was developed in order to help people become better oriented with the city around them, so that they can more easily explore it.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rose's First Sprint and Dinner with the Team!

Sprint – What is it? Does it remind you of the final stretch to a marathon or the cell phone company provider in the States?

Well this Saturday, March 10th, I was able to attend my first Sprint with the crew. To my surprise, it was neither. Instead, a Sprint at TransitHub is where we informed each other of our progress and brainstorm the next steps we need to take.

Since I was coming straight from work, I was worried that by the time I find the right place and room, Sprint might be over! Fortunately, within half an hour, I arrived at our meeting room and still had half an hour of Sprint to spare. I found everyone either talking about development with another team member or working hard on their individual tasks. In this short time, I had a chance to listen to the progress and growth of our product and introduce myself to co-founders that I had not had a chance to meet.

Read on to hear more about our evening, and to see some great TransitHub Team pics!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"What's Your Hub?" Featuring Nicole!

Woah! It's's very own Nicole, in a design-friendly edition of "What's Your Hub?" In this episode, Nicole shares her love for the #SpadinaBloor Hub in Toronto!

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

#YongeDundas Featuring ING DIRECT Downtown Café!

TransitHub is truly excited to welcome ING DIRECT Downtown Café as a featured business on The ING DIRECT Downtown Café will be featured at the #YongeDundas Hub.

Conrad McDonald, ING DIRECT, and Neil Jain, TransitHub

As you can see on, ING DIRECT is offering #TransitHubbers a very special limited-time offer of $10 off a Network Orange drop-in package at their collaborative workspace. That represents a 50% discount, wow!

ING DIRECT's hub feature on

The Network Orange workspace is ideal for entrepreneurs, freelance professionals and business travellers or even for employees of small or large businesses. The shared facilities have desk space, modern meeting rooms, Wi-Fi and other amenities that you would expect.

Shared workspace at Network Orange

A modern meeting room at Network Orange

Check out what Conrad McDonald, Community Relations at Network Orange says about TransitHub and ING working together:

“TransitHub is a great catalyst for Torontonians to start conversations online about the diverse communities and hidden gems in the city. It shines a light on the locations and value driven businesses that TransitHub users frequent. The ING DIRECT Downtown Café and Network Orange are one of a kind public spaces where every day we simplify banking and encourage entrepreneurs to innovate and grow their companies. It is also a space where we hope Torontonians can find added value and TransitHub is an effective platform for us to connect with the surrounding community.”

ING DIRECT and TransitHub working together!

If you haven’t been to the café before, you have to check it out. Once you jump out at Dundas subway station, it’s just a short walk south of the #YongeDundas Hub.

The beautiful ING DIRECT Downtown Café

You’re greeted by the warm ING staff dressed in orange. There’s comfortable seating, newspapers and magazines as well as freshly squeezed orange juice, tea and coffee. On many days of the week, community events are happening here too.

Get your coffee or orange juice fix!

Lounge around and watch some news

There’s always something to discover in this modern facility. I’ve been here a bunch of times and didn’t realize until last time that there are two plant walls. How did I miss that? Now I know where all that clean oxygen was coming from!

So, remember, to get the deal, just walk in to the café, say “TransitHub” and, boom, you’re all set!


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Monday, March 5, 2012

"What's Your Hub?" Featuring Nuel

It's "What's Your Hub?" with Rose's friend Nuel, who talks up the authentic Korean BBQ experience one can find at the #ChristieBloor Hub in Toronto. Mmmm!!

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