Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rose's First Sprint and Dinner with the Team!

Sprint – What is it? Does it remind you of the final stretch to a marathon or the cell phone company provider in the States?

Well this Saturday, March 10th, I was able to attend my first Sprint with the crew. To my surprise, it was neither. Instead, a Sprint at TransitHub is where we informed each other of our progress and brainstorm the next steps we need to take.

Since I was coming straight from work, I was worried that by the time I find the right place and room, Sprint might be over! Fortunately, within half an hour, I arrived at our meeting room and still had half an hour of Sprint to spare. I found everyone either talking about development with another team member or working hard on their individual tasks. In this short time, I had a chance to listen to the progress and growth of our product and introduce myself to co-founders that I had not had a chance to meet.

Read on to hear more about our evening, and to see some great TransitHub Team pics!

When the clock struck six, the TransitHub team was hungry and exhausted from all the hard work. We decided to go to a nearby restaurant, called Real Thailand, at #SpadinaBloor. The host quickly got us settled down, and took our orders. We resumed chatting, but this time, catching up on other things in life.

I had a great time at both Sprint and the dinner, and I’m glad I went!

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