Monday, January 23, 2012

CB2 opens first Canadian store in Toronto! #BathurstQueen

CB2 just opened a new store at #BathurstQueen (651 Queen St. West), and TransitHub was invited! CB2 sells modern affordable furnishings, with a special cause: their partnership has helped provide funds for housing and education in remote villages. Interested? Read on to find out more about our experiences on this extraordinary night!

 #TransitHubbers Nequesha, Nuel, and Wei join me in celebrating the opening of this chic new store. We were all pretty excited and couldn't wait for this night to begin! Cheers!

We walked into a lively place, featuring a DJ who played upbeat music the entire night. As you can see, there are many vibrant, colourful, and artistic furniture and kitchenware:

Not only are the designs trendy, but they also display large interactive TVs to help us with our shopping experience.

I spoke with CB2 buyer/merchandiser, Raymond Pitt, and here's what I learned about CB2:

CB2 started in Chicago, expanded to eleven cities in the States (including San Francisco, Los Angeles, and SoHo) and has now made its way into Canada. Actually, this Toronto store is the first CB2 store to open in Canada! We are anticipating the opening of a new store in Vancouver, in February 2012!

CB2 is a more modern and urban company of Crate & Barrel. In fact, that’s where the name CB2 comes from! (Crate & Barrel 2). The furniture of CB2 is designed mainly for lofts and condos, to suit a younger group of buyers. But from the crowd that attended the party last night, I saw a diverse attendance, from many personalities, styles, and ages!

One special perk about CB2 stores, unlike well-known furniture stores like Ikea, is that its furniture is often one-of-a-kind, unique artwork from all around the world!

An hour later, look how crowded it has become:   Raymond mentioned that 600-700 people RSVP’ed for this event!

Well, what about our impression? We loved it, had lots of fun, and will be back to add a bit of colour and individuality to our homes! Be sure to check CB2 out at (651 Queen St West) and please tell us your experiences on HubCrawl (



  1. I worked with Raymond Pitt for 4 years at Crate and Barrel back at an older store in Vernon Hills, Illinois. He is a great guy and very funny too! I am glad to see he's doing so well!

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