Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rose's First #TransitHubbing Experience: #CodeRedTO

As John had previously blogged, us #TransitHubbers have a love-hate relationship with the TTC. We are already annoyed and short-tempered when the bus doesn’t come on time and we find ourselves shivering in the cold for another fifteen minutes! We really had it when the subway gets stuck midstation! But what about the number of transfers that we have to make in order to reach our destination – whether it is in Scarborough, Mississauga, Etobicoke, or North York? So what better time to wish for an enhanced transit system than right now?

#CodeRedTO (http://coderedto.com/) is a campaign headed by Cameron MacLeod, Joe Drew, and Laurence Lui – designed to create "a rational, affordable, and achievable rapid transit strategy for Toronto." One of its goals is to extend the transit services so it would cover Etobicoke, Scarborough, and North York as well! #CodeRedTO is a successor to #CodeBlueTO, which was a rally against Doug Ford’s plans on building a Ferris wheel and monorails in place of the existing Transit City plan of revitalizing the waterfront. #CodeBlueTO not only struck a consensus deal with the city councillors, but also urged them to speed up the process! Hopefully, an even better success will be met with #CodeRedTO!

On Monday, January 9th, Ian, John, and I gathered with as many as 25-30 transit activists. As we stepped into the room, Cameron greeted us with sincerity, introducing himself and making us feel welcome. I was surprised by the number of avid transit advocates, determined to create a better transit plan. Cameron first presented the survey feedback from a week earlier, in which more than 400 people had responded to! After discussing which wards of Toronto needed the most support, we divided ourselves into four groups to discuss different ideas in getting the word out! I found myself in a group with people from varying levels of transit knowledge – from me, with the least amount, to an expert on revamping Transit City, Steve Munro. Munro, the devoted Toronto activist behind the “Save the Streetcar” campaign, had me intrigued by the amount of information he was able to pour out about the numerous projects and city commitments. Each group shared their opinions on different ideas then people signed up to volunteer for further events! This just shows the amount of dedication that Toronto #TransitHubbers have for a better city today!

John, #TransitHub's CEO, happily supporting the CodeRedTO movement

If we were to summarize #CodeRedTO down to one sentence, it would mean: “a better and more efficient rapid transit system!” We are all hoping that would be in place in the very near future!

- Rose


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