Thursday, January 12, 2012

Welcome to our new intern, Rose!


 My name is Rose and I’m the new intern at TransitHub! I am honoured to take on this role with a focus on marketing, community involvement, and community management. I recently graduated (completed my degree in Dec 2011) from University of Toronto, specializing in Chemistry and minoring in English Literature. 

You might be wondering, what is a chemistry major doing in marketing? Well, I am always eager to gain new knowledge and experience, and this internship is an excellent opportunity for me to do just that and to explore different areas of study. I am excited to join this amazing team who creatively built this community (John, Ian, Arvind, Igor, Nicole, Cleaver, Neil, Johnny) and, most of all, this community cannot exist without you, TransitHubbers!

 I am looking forward to my role on the team, as well as interacting with all of you!

(Here I am at b Espresso Bar, at the Royal Conservatory of Music #AvenueBloor)



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