Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A #TransitHubbing Adventure at #AvenueBloor

It's time for another #TransitHubbing Adventure in Toronto! This time, John, Ian, and Neil hopped onto the subway and #TransitHubbed all the way to the #AvenueBloor Hub. One of the most transit-friendly Hubs in Toronto, you can get to it from three (!), yup, count'em three close-by subway stops: (1) Museum Station, (2) St. George Station - leave through the Bedford Rd. exit, and (3) Bay Station. We came to this Hub on a chilly Wednesday to film our long-awaited "What's Your Hub?" video with former TTC Chair Adam Giambrone (if you haven't seen it yet - shame on you! - click here). But after hearing Adam's insider tips, we were inspired to follow through and check this Hub out more thoroughly... 

Enjoy our chilly #TransitHubbing Adventure!

To get to #AvenueBloor, get off at (1) Museum Station, (2) St. George Station - Bedford Rd. exit, or (3) Bay Station

Adam was right - Philosopher's Walk is both beautiful and relaxing

Nearby, check out the mesmerizing Quad inside Trinity College

This site was home to one of the largest outdoor Shakespeare festivals in the country!

After a brisk walk, we headed over to the Cafe inside the Royal Conservatory, right off of Philosopher's Walk

It's called "b" Espresso Bar - and it has quickly become one of our favourites!

Could these #TransitHubbers BE any more happy to be coffee-ing inside the Royal Conservatory?

The Cafe also has a number of fresh eats as well...

From lattes...

...to tasty wraps...

...to portobello mushroom burgers - mmmmm!

The natural light and musical vibe makes this spot truly inspiring

What #TransitHubbing Adventure would be complete without a visit from Arvind???

Have a #TransitHubbing Adventure of your own that you'd like to share? We'd love to hear from you! Email us at info@transithub.ca and tell us about a Hub that you've visited (or one that you know like the   back of your hand). What makes it interesting? What are some relatively-unknown places or things that TransitHubbers should check out? Send us your story, along with your photos, today!

Keep #TransitHubbing!


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