Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summerlicious restaurants: Inside Scoop!

Eat! Eat! Eat!

The annual Summerlicious festival is back in Toronto this year from July 6 to 22, 2012. Prices are fixed, you get three courses along with some options, and there are over 180 restaurants to choose from.

I eat out a bit more than I should admit. The advantage, of course, is that I've had an opportunity to eat at  a fair number of the restaurants on TransitHub's Summerlicious list. That makes me somewhat qualified to provide an opinion.

So, I've chosen a few restaurants on the list to give you my inside scoop on them. I am a vegetarian, so I do bring a different perspective. Enjoy!

(All images courtesy City of Toronto Summerlicious restaurants page).

1. The Host Fine Indian Cuisine // Closest Hub: #AvenueBloor

Being of Indian origin, eating Indian food in a restaurant automatically heightens my standards. Overall, I was impressed by The Host. In fact, I've also eaten at their location up north. It's nice for the occasional meal, like Summerlicious, but too rich to eat there regularly, as is the case with most Indian restaurants.

2. King Street Social // Closest Hub: #JohnKing

King Street Social is part of the Hyatt Regency. Who would've thought, eating in a hotel? Only for tourists, right? I was pleasantly surprised. I was attending a conference at the hotel and just needed a place to eat. They had a delicious sandwich and soup combo. I even went back once with friends since it was so good. Just don't order a soft drink; they cost $4.00. (A friend got bill shock!)

3. Spice Route // Closest Hub: #SpadinaKing

Spice Route is one of those must-go places if you haven't been before. They've got some funky decor, including the washrooms. (Check 'em out and just be observant.) I liked hangin' out on the patio for a friend's birthday once. It gets quite lively on the weekend. Hmm, with regards to food, I just remember having a mix of different Asian tapas. It was quite delicious!

4. Vecchio Frak // Closest Hub: #OssingtonCollege

I've only been to Vecchio Frak once. It was for a friend's birthday. Very intimate and upscale. The bill was in the hundreds of dollars for a table of eight or so, so I'm sure a Summerlicious deal would be a good way to experience this place. I wouldn't say it was any different from other Italian restaurants I've been to in Little Italy but it was very stylish.

5. Jump // Closest Hub: #YongeKing

I wouldn't normally venture in to Jump. I was fortunate to have been taken there for a work occasion. As I browsed through the menu, I realized there was nothing vegetarian. (Maybe it's changed by now.) I didn't want cause a fuss and just asked for anything vegetarian they might have. They were so kind to make a special dish for me, with rice and veggies, and it was delicious! Another one to certainly take advantage of for Summerlicious!

#TransitHubbers: What Summerlicious restaurants will you be eating at? Or have eaten at? What's your favourite?


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