Tuesday, July 3, 2012

See a show at the Toronto Fringe Festival 

The Toronto Fringe Festival is Toronto’s largest theatre and performance festival. The fun starts this week and runs Wednesday July 4 to Sunday July 15 at venues across the west end of Toronto. Check here for all the venues http://fringetoronto.com/fringe-festival/maps/

Having fun at The Fringe Club behind Honest Ed's #BathurstBloor

The main hub of activity is #BathurstBloor where you’ll find The Fringe Club in Honest Ed’s Alley at 581 Bloor St W. Here you can find out information about the shows and festival, minge with the artists, get food and drinks, see cabaret shows and much, much more! http://fringetoronto.com/fringe-festival/fringe-club/

And that’s just at The Fringe Club! The Fringe Festival is all about the shows - 140+ productions are featured at 25+ venues. There’s something for everyone, with musicals, comedies, family programming, drama, dance, improv and even the site specific productions that take place in unexpected locations like backs of cars or down hidden alleys.

The Fringe is a great festival because all shows have full artistic freedom, they are uncensored and all the ticket sales go right back to the artists. You will definitely see something unexpected.

And see you out there Transithubbers.


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