Saturday, July 14, 2012

Last call to Fringe the weekend away!

Last call to Fringe the weekend away!

Sign at the Fringe artist alley directing people where to go

Don't miss your last chance to catch shows at the Fringe Festival this weekend. For all you theatre-enthusiasts out there, grab affordable tickets while you can for a unique theatre experience at Fringe 2012.

Running low on cash or a broke student? Don’t worry! The festival caters to people like you and I too. Drop by the Artist alley located by Honest Ed’s at 581 Bloor Street West (#Bathurst and Bloor). The Fringe Club is buzzing with excitement, music and artists talks for all you intellectuals out there. Saturday’s tent talk will feature tourist artist at Fringe and the talk will revolve around international theatre. (Yes, as the title suggests, theatre does exist outside Toronto). The talk will start at 4pm and will be followed by an open-mic night filled with music, dance and of course…an open bar! 

In case you can’t catch Saturday’s festivities, make sure you make it to the alleyway on Sunday for the Long Live Theatre tent talk at 4pm. Some more music and drinks to follow of course and prizes will be awarded to Rootin Tootin winners at 9:30pm.

Keep an eye out for the large Fringe arrow directing you to the alley because it’s easy to miss as you rush past the flashy advertisements for Honest Ed’s.

Celebrate with Fringe as the festival wraps up!


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