Thursday, October 27, 2011

A #TransitHubbing Appearance at Ernst & Young

Five-eighths of the TransitHub Team - Cleaver, John, Arvind, Neil, and Ian, basking in the glory of our table. Go team!

Thanks to our good friends and supporters at MaRS (@MaRSDD), the TransitHub Team was able to attend a Technology, Entertainment, and Media event and panel at Ernst & Yonge (a stone's throw away from the #YongeKing Hub).

At the event, we heard a mix of interesting perspectives on investing and funding technology startups, from both entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists alike. We also met many people from a variety of backgrounds and industries, each interested in learning and sharing knowledge about the startup space. And to cap it all off, we were lucky enough to have our very own TransitHub table set up, where we showcased what we've been up to, handed out our awesome #transit buttons, and generally showed people a good time.

Overall, it was an opportunity to learn, meet great people, and share our passion for TransitHub with anyone who was willing to listen. What more could #TransitHubbers like us ask for??? ;) Enjoy the pics from the event... and keep #TransitHubbing, people!

Hey hey! This table just got #TransitHubbed!

Ian, Arvind, and Neil - REPRESENT!

Cleaver is up to something... we don't know what it is quite yet... but he's up to something.......

John's rockin' a blazer along with his TransitHub T-shirt - what, the shirt alone isn't good enough for ya???

Ooooohhh... our infamous TransitHub #transit buttons make another appearance... #YongeKing and #BayDundas are the perfect Hubs for this crowd!

Arvind shares his favourite place to get tea with Carlo from Uknowa.

#TransitHubbers... what a set up we had!

Neil takes a break. "#TransitHubbing ain't easy when you're on the 30th floor."

Ian says, "I know an even BETTER Hub for finding some good tea."

John proudly shows off the demo that the TransitHub team developed during Startup Weekend!

Ahh, the E&Y event was finally over, and it was time to take apart our beautiful set up. Oh the agony!!

Could Arvind BE any more excited about our TransitHub buttons!! The man loves them!

Neil says, "I gotta split. Got some quality #TransitHubbing to do."

But before we #TransitHub away, one final good-bye...

See you next year, E&Y - maybe by then... we'll be famous???? *Hint hint*


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