Saturday, October 15, 2011

Transit Tales: Chapter 2 - "The Ice Breaker"

In our second chapter of "Transit Tales", a #TransitHubber who goes by the name of Ms. Anonymous shares the story of her return to the world of transit. Enjoy!
- John Krissilas

After a 3 year TTC hiatus (well not completely, but more specifically on a daily commuting basis) I have taken up Riding the Rocket once again. Here are some of my Transit Tales...

"The Ice Breaker" by Ms. Anonymous

My ears are involuntarily acclimatizing to the shrill of Toronto’s trains as they skate into my home station each morning. As a now ‘practiced’ commuter, I can deduce by way of the tunnel wind rushes whether the train is approaching north, east, south or westbound.

Occasionally, I am intimately fused to my subway compatriots, but if I remember to skip the snooze button I can declare victory and beat the rush. What I thought would be an unpleasant 1 hour every morning has actually turned into a (mostly) enjoyable ride.

At last I am reading all those books I’ve been meaning to read. Podcasts and music delight my ears when the subway decides to clatter vs. skate along (and I decide to hold on with two hands vs. one). Most importantly however, my mobile poker skills are flourishing and my gossip repertoire bursting, thanks the odd/sweet/foul/funny/other sights I see on the TTC.

I look forward to sharing these, along with my other tales with you!

-Ms. Anonymous


Have a#TransitTale of your own that you'd like to share? We'd love to hear from you! Email us at and tell us about an adventure or encounter that you've had on the subway or street car.

Happy #TransitHubbing!



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