Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Transit-lover's Ad Campaign at #YongeBloor!

Air Canada's got a new ad campaign that's a transit-lover's dream come true. Inside the #YongeBloor Subway Station, you'll find a gallery of ads featuring TransitHubs from around the world - from Paris to Shanghai to the Big Apple. Ooohh the potential! If only we could go #TransitHubbing across the globe right now!! Check out the pics we nabbed, then take a moment to soak them in the next time you hit #YongeBloor!

You'll find this transit-lover's gallery inside the #YongeBloor Subway Station!

Imagine #TransitHubbing in Paris!

Too... many... Hubs... our minds are blown!

Wow - Shanghai has an awesomely spider-webby-like transit system! We are giddy with the #TransitHubbing possibilities!

The classic TransitHub system in New York - oh the potential!

Air Canada, we salute you for a well-done ad campaign. TransitHub approves!


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