Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Guest Post: Cantine Bistro and Winterlicious by Nequesha Mohamed

TransitHub is excited to have Nequesha Mohamed (from CB2 and "What's your hub" posts) back - this time, with a post on Winterlicious. What was her impression of the dinner? Read on to find out:

Winterlicious 2012 was a 2 week extravaganza of restaurants showing off what they had to offer, for much lower prices than usual. I was determined to go to a restaurant that I would remember positively this year, so I did my research. After scanning a bunch of menus, I settled on Cantine Bar and Grill to go with my friends. The menu had a lot of choice, and the dishes were sufficiently varied to appeal to many taste buds. And all for the affordable price of $25 for dinner.

The location wasn’t too hard to find. Get off at Bay station (#BayBloor), and walk to Avenue and Davenport, only about 10 minutes. When you get there, you can see right away that it looks warm and inviting.

I was glad we were able to get reservations for the night we went, as it was the last night of Winterlicious, and I expected them to be super busy. However, when we got there, we found a cozy atmosphere, where people were relaxed and enjoying themselves. The rich colours of the walls, combined with the low lighting, created the kind of environment where you want to sit back and relax with your close friends. They even had a couple tables where you sat in couches instead of chairs.

We were led to a table in the back, and our server took our orders. Now, I had planned on what to have before arriving, but looking at the menu again, I was torn between many tantalizing options. Everything sounded so good!

The meal started off with warm, fluffy bread, served with creamy butter. We all loved it so much that we ordered another round before we even got our food.

And because we were seated near the kitchen, we got to see most of the dishes that passed by. And everything looked so yummy!

We got our appetizers, and immediately set in, devouring everything. We decided to share little bits of what we ordered so that everyone got a taste. And the best part was, everything tasted amazing. It didn’t matter what we got, the quality and presentation of each dish was spot on. We couldn’t believe our taste buds. I know that after every bite of my beef, I had to stop and sigh, because it was so good. Everything in the dish was well suited to enhance the flavours and give your mouth the best culinary experience.

By the time dessert came, we were happily sated, and enjoying good conversation and the warm ambience the restaurant offered.

We were sad to see the night end. I know I tried to make my dessert last as long as possible, scraping every last bit that I could out.

But in the end, we were full, happy, and had to make our way home.

Cantine was an amazing Winterlicious experience. The food was amazing, the staff friendly and charming, and the overall ambience of the restaurant warm and inviting. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and I would recommend anyone wanting a tantalizing palette experience to head there. :D

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