Thursday, September 1, 2011

Urban Eatery: The Most Upscale Food Court in Toronto!

Today, the Eaton Centre unveiled its brand-new food court called the Urban Eatery! It's gotta be the most upscale food court in the city.

It's lunch time! Feed the masses!

Located at the Yonge & Dundas hub, the food court features your regulars including McDonalds, A&W and Subway as well as some lesser-known brands such as Urban Herbivore, Shanghai 360 and Amaya Express. Each joint has their own unique decor, even KFC!

Even Mickey Ds looks so snazzy!

It is packed in here. Are those maaaable columns?

The seating is comfortable and there's a lot of it! Nearly 1,000 seats in many different configurations. Plus, they use real cutlery, none of that plastic, paper or Styrofoam stuff.

Some of that funky seating!

A proper stage was set up with live music to entertain patrons. There was also a promotion where some people had gotten a $10 voucher in advance. You couldn't register on the spot. This made some people feel unhappy that they were one of the have-nots!

One of the bands strutting their stuff.

After wandering for a good 15 minutes, I settled on Crêpe de licious for lunch. They were so kind to give me a 50% discount off my crêpe since I didn't have a voucher.

This meal was promptly gobbled up. Yummm!

Check it out, folks! And, keep #TransitHubbing ...

p.s. Woo-hoo, this is my first TransitHub post!


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