Monday, September 12, 2011

"Sprint Saturdays" and that Startup Weekend feeling

One of the biggest challenges that startups founded at Startup Weekend can sometimes face is building on the huge amount of momentum that the 3-day competition ignites. Think about it: mind-bendingly tight deadlines, shoulder-to-shoulder collaboration, midnight coffee runs - how can our team of eight possibly recreate the experience of participating in the productivity-pushing competition? This question led our talented group of TransitHubbers to introduce a new, Startup Weekend-inspired element of how we work together which we call "Sprint Saturdays"...

"Sprint Saturdays" works exactly as how it sounds - an all-day development and working session meant to bring back that Startup Weekend magic. All the elements from that weekend are in place: a large, round table to hang around and work, giant flip charts and a mess of post-it notes, even the "scrum" updates for everyone to update the rest of the team on their progress. Our goal for the day: bring the whole team together for an extended period of time and bang out as much sh*t as we possibly can! :)

If there's one way in which "Sprint Saturday" differs a bit from Startup Weekend, it's this: we've lowered the register on the stress (which is a prerequisite for SW participants) and upped the ante on a very important factor: fun. Yup, more than anything, "Sprint Saturdays" are a blast. Picture this: jokes and one-liners flying across the room, impromptu photo ops (often at the most embarrassing times!), and more food - and tea - than anyone can handle (more Indian Chai tea, please... it's addicting!). Enjoy the photos from the most recent Sprint, graciously hosted by Arvind!

Round tables, shoulder-to-shoulder collaboration: THIS is Sprint Saturday!

Neil is all business as he studies what is surely a critical spreadsheet. Sorry to disturb you, Neil!

Ian arrives and asks for a very important update: where's lunch?!

Luckily, Arvind was on it - cooking an authentic Indian meal for everyone to devour

Now Ian's happy, and the team can finally get down to work!

Can you spot how many coffee and tea cups there are on this table??

John finally arrives, but makes up for it with style, wearing the famous TransitHub T-shirt!

Not to be outdone, Arvind suddenly appears in his T-shirt - with a Metropass to boot!

Here's Arvind, grinding through a few focused hours of hard work...

Meanwhile, Neil and Johnny have some laughs as they watch a tennis match. "Don't worry, Arvind's got it!"

Another important question gets asked: did anyone remember to get the beer?

"Ummm... I didn't bring any beer," says John

"I could use a bottle right now," says Johnny, "yes, I could definitely use a bottle!"

Heartbreak: there is only one bottle on the premises... and it goes to Johnny.

John settles for his eighth cup of Indian Chai Tea - is there anything more addicting?

Neil is beginning to zone out - which signals the end of a very long day...

And so, another edition of Sprint Saturday comes to a close. Until next time!


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